How To Maintain Your Human Hair Lace Wigs Properly?

How to maintain your human hair lace wigs? This is a question. Lace wigs cost more than regular hair wigs, which is an expensive investment. In order to ensure them last longer, you have to take good care of them. If not, it may cause irreversible damage. So it is important to take care of your lace wigs to keep them look natural and last longer. Today we are going to talk about how to maintain your human hair lace wigs.

How To Maintain Your Human Hair Lace Wigs Properly?

1. Use The Right Hair Care Products

The products you use in the wig maintenance program play a vital role and ultimately result in a wig condition and its final appearance. The hair products with an acidic PH balance will be your first choice. This kind of products are suitable for styling hair and easier to manage. You should check out the ingredients of the hair care products to make sure the wig’s longevity before purchasing.

2. Avoid exposure to direct heat

When wearing your lace wig, be sure to protect it from direct sunlight. Because the heat will damage the end of the wig and may cause the epidermis to dry out. Therefore, lace wigs should be completely avoided to expose to the high temperature directly. Never place a lace wig near the fire or other heat source. And also, don’t use the hair dryer on your lace wigs.

3. Wash It Properly

* When washing your lace front wig or full lace wigs, don’t use the warm water above 86°F, because it will deform the wig cap. Too hot water can also make your lace human hair wigs lost elasticity. * Don’t wash the hair wigs too often, one time each two week. * Don’t rub the hair when washing, just rinse it. * Wash the lace front wig or full lace wigs with good shampoo and conditioner to remove the dust form the hair wigs. * Wipe the wig with a clean large towel, don't lick, and dry naturally.

4. Store Your Lace Wigs Properly

* If you don't want to wear a wig for a long time, comb it thoroughly to make sure it won't tangles before tangling. * Wear the full lace wig and lace front wig on the head model to maintain its shape. * Do not leave it in the sun. * Put a silk headband on the wig to prevent dust from entering. Here are some other tips on taking care of the lace human hair wigs. * Don’t go to bed with a wet hair. This will promote matting and lead to musty smell. Wash your hair early in the day and leave it to air dry. * If you need to sleep with your lace wigs, you’d better wrap a silk scarf or use a silk pillow to reduce friction and tangle, especially for the wavy or curly hair wigs. * Don’t swim when wearing the human hair lace wigs in the summer. Because the salt in the water will damage your hair. * When exercising, you’d better braid your human hair wig. If you take good care of the wigs, Kriyya human hair lace wigs could be worn for one or two years. Because the effective maintenance method is the best quality necessary to keep your lace wigs in a comfortable state.

2 thoughts on “How To Maintain Your Human Hair Lace Wigs Properly?”

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    human hair extensions 10/27/2019 at 14:52

    It's very trouble-free to find out any matter on web as compared
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    at this website.

  • Bryson Owens
    Bryson Owens 01/30/2020 at 14:59

    I like that you talked about keeping the water temperature below the mid-'80s. My daughter wants to get a wig soon because she can't grow her hair out right now. I'll let her know that it's a good idea to try and keep it clean so that it lasts a long time.

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