Kriyya Hair 2021 Valentines Day Sale: Up To 40% Off

Valentine’s day is a day where people express love with gifts like flowers and others. Many also celebrate with a romantic dinner.  Apart from these, valentine's day can also be dedicated to self-love. There are simple ways you can update your look without making permanent changes such as investing in some natural-looking human hair wigs.  Your hair can say a lot about you and if yours is giving the message that you are overworked and tired,  it is time for a new look.  Having a new hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance and mood. It can also take years off your face.  With wigs, you do not have to chop off your hair or dye them.  Wigs allow you to change your look in an instant while keeping your natural hair protected.

When Does Valentine's Day Promotion Start?

In order to welcome this celebration of love, kriyya has launched many promotional activities.  Check out some of the great deals going on for wigs from February 3rd to February 8th.

Time: 2.03--2.08

40%-38% off for hot wigs(including headband wigs, half wigs, u part wigs, HD lace wigs, capless wigs)

35% off for human hair wigs(including lace part wigs, double u shape wigs, 4x4 lace closure wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs)

30% off for t part wig

25% off for 360 lace front wigs

40% off for 7a hair

22% off for human hair weave

30% off for human hair bundles with closure

$5 off orders 109+ code:love5

$8 off orders 159+ code:love8

Buy 2 hair weaves, one of which can be free

Turn the turntable to enjoy up to 30% off

Wig 1+1, 12$ off the total price

Valentine's Day Gift Recommendation

Ready to spend this valentine's day?  Some of the hot product recommendations are as follows:

Headband Wig

A headband wig is a great wig for first-time wig wearer.  It is a wig that is fashioned with a piece of cloth that resembles a headband at the hairline.  It features human hair that is sewn on a piece of cloth and has a front and a backcomb for a secure fit.  A headband wig is easy to put on and remove.  Just slid it around the head and put it in place using the headband instead of clips or fasteners.

Wigs With Bangs

If you love having bangs but have not tried this hairstyle before, then getting a wig with bangs can be a big life transformation. Wigs with bangs are very popular because with bangs, you do not need to spend time trying to blend the wig with the front of the skin.  The wig hairline is hidden by the bangs and you don't have to worry about it looking unnatural.  Bangs look good on women with different face shapes and they offer many styling options.

Highlight Wigs

A highlight wig is a wig that has streaks of colors like auburn, sienna, or honey blonde.  Like black hair with honey blond streaks, or auburn plus black and more colors.  Highlights can create depth and make the hair look fuller.  Compared to a one color wig, highlight wigs are more stylish and trendy.  Highlights also make the wig look very natural.

U Part Wig

U part wigs are hair extensions that are sewn on a u-shaped wig cap.  It has a u-shape opening at the front that allows you to blend your natural hair to make it more natural-looking. U-shaped wigs are known to create instant volume and length.  U part wig offers a more realistic appearance compared to a traditional wig.  It is also very easy to put on and remove.

Bob Wig

Bob wigs are a short-style wig type that offers a very classic look. For women who want a shorter and more clean-cut look, then a bob wig is the ideal choice.  Bob wigs are very comfortable and easy to maintain, thus this style is very popular.   This wig style frames the facial features more prominently.

4x4 Closure Wig

A 4x4 closure is a small piece of fabric that is usually made with lace.  It measures 4 in x 4 in and has human hair knotted directly onto the lace.  4x4 closure wig is very versatile and can be parted in the middle or on the side which offers a very natural look.  It requires little maintenance and its versatility makes it a popular choice among women.

13x4 Lace Front Wig

A 13x4 lace front wig is a piece of material that spreads from ear to ear and covers the entire hairline, with 13 inches horizontally across the forehead and 4 inches back from the forehead.  With a 13x4 lace front, the wearer can comb her hair to any style she wants.  Either side part hairstyle, middle part, or even all the hair back as well as a high ponytail.

Human Hair Bundles With Closure

A closure is a hairpiece that is usually made of lace or silk and is attached to a cornrow base and helps protects the hair.  Human hair 3 bundles with closure are perfect for women who want fully covered hair. There are many benefits to using hair closure.  They can be used multiple times and do not tangle which relieves you from stress.  Human hair bundles are also easy to take care.

Where To Shop On Valentine's Day?

So where is the best place to shop for wigs this valentine's day? 

Now that you are more informed of the hot products to buy, the next step is to find the best place to shop for wigs.  Well, there are no other places than kriyya,  a leading wig retail store that you can trust.  Kriyya has style choices that are neverending.  They have a wide range of luxe and affordable best-styled wigs that are designed for a flawless, natural look.  So hurry and make valentine's day an extra special celebration with a new wig from kriyya.  

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