How To Keep Human Hair Weave Soft

A weave is an artificial or natural hair extension that is fixed into human hair by either sewing, gluing or clipping.  A weave is not a wig that covers the hair.  A weave is sewn directly onto the natural hair to accentuate it.  It is a wonderful way to create a new style as it gives the opportunity to add the length of the natural hair.  Unlike clip-in hair extensions that can be removed daily, hair weaves will last for weeks.  Hair weave is very popular because it is undetectable.  They are very low-maintenance and allow you to style your hair in a short time, which is just perfect for those who are always on the go. There are several types of hair weave for women and the best human hair weave is one that is made from virgin hair.  The reason is that this type of hair has never been processed and therefore, it can be styled and colored just like natural hair.

What is the best human hair weave?

How to keep human hair weave soft?

How long does the human hair weave last?

The best hair weave brand 000

What Is The Best Human Hair Weave?

The most popular types of human hair weave are made from Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian hair. Each of these types of human hair weave come in different special texture and patterns, including a straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave and curly.  The one that is most popular and sought-after among celebrities are Brazilian hair bundles because of their versatility, volume and quality. Human hair wigs made of human hair, such as headband wigs, wigs with bangs, u part wig and lace wig, are not only of good quality but also natural in appearance, suitable for wig lovers.

How To Keep Human Hair Weave Soft?

Although human hair weaves offer convenience much like natural hair, the texture does change over time.  The last thing you want is a wig that is dry, unmanageable, and looking tired.  There are many factors that can cause this such as poor hair quality, exposure to sun and water too much, exposure to chlorine and seawater as well as lack of natural oil.  Extended exposure to chemicals and minerals in the water may affect hair quality.  Below are some of the easy steps you can take to bring them back to life and make them soft again.

Items you need:-

▪ Natural Oil

▪ Moisturizing Conditioner

▪ Shampoo

▪ Comb

▪ Deep Conditioner

▪ Shower cap

▪ Hair dryer

▪ Brush

▪ Flat iron or curling iron

▪ Scarf

Step 1: Apply natural oil like coconut oil, grapeseed oil or extra virgin olive oil to give the human hair weave a conditioning treatment.  You can also apply moisturizing conditioner to the hair if you do not want to use oil.  Leave either the oil or conditioner in the hair for 30 minutes under a shower cap.

Step 2: Wash the human hair weave with a moisturizing shampoo. Clean the scalp in between tracks and rinse through using your fingers carefully. Be careful when rinsing and cautiously undo any tangles in the weave using your fingers or a comb.

Step 3: Condition the hair weave by applying a deep conditioner onto it and leave on for 15 minutes or more. Wear a shower cap to trap heat. Once done, rinse thoroughly and again use fingers to untangle and squeeze out all excess water.

Step 4: Comb the hair and allow it to air dry for about 15 to 20 minutes. Next, apply a moisturizing product along the entire length of the hair weave and apply extra to the ends.

Step 5: Use low heat to blow-dry the hair and you may also use cob to aid in the hair drying process.  Brush the hair to straighten it.

Step 6: If you are going for a straight look, style the hair with a flat iron.  Use a curling iron for curls and waves.  Start from the front of your head and work backward until the entire head is completed.

Finally: Do wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head before you hit the sack to keep the hair from drying out on the pillow.

How Long Does The Human Hair Weave Last?

Generally, the human hair weave can be last from six months to a year or even longer with proper care.   There are several factors that will influence the lifespan of your human hair weave and they are :

·Quality  - Good quality human hair weave that does not shed and tangle, produced without any chemicals will definitely last longer.

·Proper Installation - It is important that the human hair weave is installed properly so that there is no damage to the wig. If you are not sure how to install it, you can get the help of a hairdresser.

·How you take care of the weave will determine the lifespan.  Human hair weave needs extra attention and should be washed every 7 to 14 days. Remember not to over wash the wig.

The Best Hair Weave Brand

The market is flooded with many hair weave brands and the best hair weave brand is one that offers premium quality hair weave that is not chemically treated, has a wide range of styles, and also affordably priced.  One such brand is Kriyya, a leading wig supplier that offers high-quality 100% natural human hair products, such as hair weave, quick weave, quick weave with closure, extensions, closure, lace frontal, women's human hair wigs and etc.  They are a trustworthy brand that is devoted to supplying women with more natural and comfortable hair products.  Kriyya is an absolute go-to brand for many women who are looking for affordable premium hair extensions. 

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