Can You Wear Clip In Hair Extensions Everyday?

Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add length and volume. There are various of hair extensions- clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, i-tip/u-tip hair extensions and sew in hair extensions etc. And clip in hair extensions is the most popular methods. We may be always asked”can you wear clip in hair extensions everyday?”

Can You Wear Clip In Hair Extensions Everyday?

Actually, we don’t recommend you to wear clip in hair extensions everyday. Clip in hair extensions are very suitable for wedding and big parties. But clip in extensions isn’t designed for everyday.

If you have thin and fine hair, then you’d better not wear clip in hair extensions. If you have very thick and volume hair, clip-ins is a good choice for you. But it will damage you own hair if you wear it everyday.

Although clip in hair extensions are the safest form of extensions, as they can only be worn for a few hours at a time, depending on the need, and then removed before taking a shower or going to bed.

Want To Wear Clip In Hair Extensions Everyday?

Many women like the appearance of clip in hair extensions. If appropriate precautions are taken to protect you hair from the stress and strains of everyday styling, you can wear clip in extensions for a few hours everyday, but not too long.

Here are some tips to keep you hair healthy.

1. Be Gentle.

It will damage you own hair when remove clips from extensions too quickly or roughly. Hair strands may be tangled in the hairpin, you should remove the clips slowly and lift it from your head, in order to avoid possible damage to your hair.

2. Check Your Own Hair Regularly

If your scalp is irritated after wearing clip hair extensions for a couple of days, then you need to rest for several days.

Check your hair regularly and make sure it doesn’t fall out at the clips.

Avoid sleeping in your clip-ins every night.

3. Take Care Of Your Own Hair

Use oil hair care products and leave them in conditioner, protein and other products, increase your hair moisture.

Minimize the use of hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and other heated styling tools to prevent breakage and heat-related damage.

If your hair is chemically treated, take extra steps to keep it moist so it stays soft and doesn't become dry or stiff.

How Long Can Clip In Extensions Keep?

Since you don't fall asleep with clips and don't wear them often, the clip-ins will last longer than any other type of extension. If you buy high quality Remy weft, you can use it for up to six months. If you stick to good maintenance routines, then more.

Although most clip in hair extensions are made with real human hair, they still wear out over time, but the process is gradual.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Clip-in Extensions?

Brush the clip-in extensions regularly to avoid tangling.

Wash your hair extensions once two weeks and the wefts once three weeks.

Take off your remy clip in hair extensions before going to bed will extend its lifespan.

Generally speaking, the more you wear them, the shorter their lifespan. If you want to keep it last longer, you’d better not to wear them everyday. You can check how to take care of the clip in hair extensions for more detail information.

So now you know whether you can wear your clip in hair extensions everyday. No matter which kind of fusion methods, the most important thing is taking good care of them.

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