What Is A Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs are new arrival wigs in Kriyya hair official store online. Today let us introduce these new items.

What is full lace wig

Full lace wig means the hair strands sewed in the full lace cap. The process of making a full lace wig is complex, but it is the most comfortable and natural wigs.

What are the features of the full lace wigs

1. Natural black human hair. The hair is 100 real human hair with certification. You can dye, perm or bleach it in a proper way. 2. Swiss lace. The lace is light brown and powerful. If you bleach the knots, please use the right way, or you will ruin the lace. 3. Pre-plucked hairline. The forehead of the wig has already pre-plucked, so the hairline is obviously and natural. Natural hairline makes your wig as the hair grows from the cap. 4. Clip around. To avoid the hair drop off, there have 4 clips around, you can use it clip on your own hair braids. 5. Breathable cap. The cap makes good material, when you wear it, it is breathable. 6. Adjustable strap. The hair cap is an international standard, we design it for adjusting. No matter which size of your head, you can adjust it by this strap. The size of the cap is from 21-23 inches.

Why full lace wigs are popular

1. Full lace wigs made by hand completely. The master sews each hair strand one by one. The knots on the hair is as the human hairline. No matter which hairstyle you want to make, it has no problem. 2. Comfortable and breathable. The proper design can fit a person’s head very well. It solves all the problems for hair. 3. Last long. Cause the hair made by human virgin hair, if you take care of it very well, the wig can be used at least 6 months. 4. High-quality at a competitive price. Kriyya company make an effort to produce good and high- quality products. But the price is acceptable in the market with the same company. Now we have a promotion for all the wigs. If you purchase wigs from our hair store online, you can get 5% off.
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