Wrap Ponytail Extensions Are Easy Attach?

Wrap ponytail extensions also called clip-in ponytails. Kriyya clip-in ponytail comes straight human hair extensions which add the hair volume and length. It creates a thick and natural-looking, does it easy to attach? Today we will introduce things you should know about wrap ponytail.

What is wrap ponytail

Wrap ponytail is a kind of hair extensions that can wrap on your own hair. It looks like a tail of pony, so people give this hairstyle a cute name ponytail. Ponytails are very popular among women and girls. People can install it by the low ponytail, half ponytail, and high ponytail.

Why customers choose wrap ponytail

  1. Easy to install. There is a clip in the hair extensions, when you install it on your hair, clip it first and then use a strand wrap around to make it invisible.
2. 100 human hair. Hair extensions made by real human hair which is bouncy and glossy. 3. Undetectable. Because clip it inside of your own hair, you can’t see it is fake till you come near and touch it. 4. Easy to move off. When you don’t want to wear it, you can take off and wash it. Various styles and colors. There are many colors for this kind of hair extension, you can choose the color you like. Kriyya has natural black, dark brown, and blonde. If all of these are not what you like, you can bleach and dye it. The hair extensions are the straight wave, you can make other styles like body wave or curly wave by yourself.

How to install a ponytail extension

  1. Pull your own hair into a ponytail start wherever you would like to attach the ponytail high or low according to your choice.
2. Make sure the hairband you use is strong and wrapped very tightly around your own hair. 3. It needs to stay in place and will help hold the weight of the wrapped ponytail. 4. Place the wire comb either underneath the elastic band or between your hair and the ponytail holder depending on your own hair. 5. Try either method of placing the wire comb to see which one works better to secure your ponytail. 6. Wrap the ponytail less size underneath your ponytail and meet with the velcro on the right side, then pull to overlap velcro secure tightly. 7. Use the remaining section of hair to wrap tightly around the base of the ponytail to conceal the band. 8. Secure wrap-around with the bobby pins to hold it into place. 9. Brush or comb to blend your hair and make sure that smart hair conceals your hair inside. PS: If you feel like it needs more bobby pins to help secure ponytail further, you can add more to keep the ponytail in a good shape.
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