Can I Sleep In Human Hair Lace Wig? And How?

Human hair wigs offer a quick change of style by giving you a brand new looking immediately. Human lace wigs are especially convenient because of their natural looking. For girls who wear wigs every day, they want the hair ready right when they wake up in the morning. But it’s cumbersome and time-consuming if wear or remove your hair wig every morning and night. Here are some suggestions on “Can I Sleep In Human Hair Lace Wig? And How?”.

How Can I Sleep In Human Hair Lace Wigs?

If possible, you’d better not wear lace wigs while sleeping. But for many people with hair loss, wearing a wig is like a security blanket, especially if you are living with someone. Though sleeping in wigs isn’t ideal, it can be done! But you need to take good care of it to avoid hair wear and tear, messing and tangling, especially for the human hair lace wigs we bought with a lot of money. 1.Use a pillow. Use a pillow with a silk or silk like pillow case. This will help the hair glide and cause less friction with the hair against the pillow. This will reduce matting, tangling and other friction related issues. If you don’t have a silk pillow or wig cap, a big silk scarf is perfect for you. 2. Wear a sleep cap. Wear a sleep cap, or wrap a silk scarf around your head and secure the scarf with a loose knot at the nape of your neck to protect the lace wig. For silk or stain scarf, it should be large enough to wrap around your head comfortably. For the purposes of protecting the wig hair, satin, silk, or similar materials are suitable because they will not snag the hair fibers or cause static. 3. Prep your wig. Before you go to sleep in your wig you should prepare it. A long wig should be braided or put in a ponytail to reduce friction. A short wig will be less of an issue but if you can clip it or hold it in place with bobby pins it will be better for your wig. 4. The next day. When you wake up you’ll want to gently remove all knots by brushing the wig carefully. Never leave the knots and sleep in the wig, it’ll cause further damage and the knots will be very difficult to remove. 5. A second wig. If you are sleeping in your wig you may also want to swim and exercise in your wig. We recommend getting a second wig that you designate for such activities. You won’t need to worry about the wig not looking right in the morning. Even if you just alternate sleeping in the two wigs you’ll do less damage than if you wear just one.

Here’re some tips for washing and maintaining your wig when taking off your wig for clean.

1. Use the products you wash and condition your natural hair is also not bad for your wig. 2. Detangle the hair prior to wash it so that loose hairs are taken out. Remember to handle your wig gently while washing and conditioning it. 3. Flip over your wig, wash the inside of your wig’s cap carefully to remove excess hair products used in washing and conditioning, otherwise, your scalp may suffer from itching. 4. Let the hair dry by putting it on a wig stand. More washing tips please read:
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