How To Detangle Your Lace Human Hair Wig?

Do you have a wig? Have you ever experienced tangles? When asking this question, the 90% answers will be “Yes”. In fact, like your own hair, your hair wigs can experience tangles. Even sometimes may be more terrible than your own hair due to the lack of natural oils of your scalp. Your wigs don’t have these oils, so they need your help to stay tangle free. Here we talk about “How to detangle your human hair lace wigs?” The Things You Will Need 1. A wig head or wig stand 2. Wide Comb 3. Wig clamp 4. Leave-in conditioner 5. Detangler spray 6. Hair styler(if you need)

How To Detangle Your Human Hair Lace Wigs?

1. Put your wig on your wig head or stand and pin it to attach it to your working area. 2. Spray the detangler all over your wig to make the wig more moist but don’t drip down. 3. Use leave-in conditioner or oil all over the wig to make the wig smooth 4. Detangle with your finger first, separate it into a smaller section. Beginning from the easy parts which are sides, then tackled the back. Avoid loss of hair strands. 5. Slowly detangle your hair with wide teeth comb. starting at the ends, then move up toward the top. 6. Repeat these multiple times, continue spraying and combing or brushing, use a brush to further smoothen it out until the fiber tangle-free. 7. You can use hair styler to style your wig if you want. Notes: 1.Never wet your hair when it is already tangled because this will only worsen the situation. 2. Do not use a brush on hair that is already tangled. Remove the tangles first by gently pulling the strands with your fingers or a wide tooted comb. 3. If you use the common conditioner, then you need wash it with cold water after combing the wig tangle-free. (you need wash it after the above steps 6)

Some Tips On How To Avoid Your Lace Wig From Tangling.

1.Do not sleep with the wig wear on. If you are tired or don’t want to take off your wig sometimes, you’d better wear a wig cap to reduce the tangling. 2. Untangle your knotted hair immediately. Do not wait until tomorrow or next week until you do something about the tangles in your head. 3. Store it properly in its case or hang it on a wig head when you are not using it. 4. Use the proper mild shampoo and conditioner, wash it regularly and properly. 5. Moisture it, and minimize its exposure to sunlight and wind. 6. Use high quality hair irons.Which are equipped with a negative ion technology that produces radiant and beautiful hair without the fuss.
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