How Can I Wear A Wig Cooler In The Summer?

Hair wigs are fabulous because you can put a different one(or make a new hair style) on every day and be whoever you feel like being that day. Hair wigs make you more charming, but when it comes to the Summer, it maybe a very torturous because it is hot and uncomfortable when wearing the wigs. Then many people will ask”How Can I Wear A Wig Cooler In The Summer?” Here are some tips to help you have a cooler summer.

What Types OF Wigs To Wear In The Summer?

I thought the Synthetic wig is better. Even if you usually wear human hair wigs, you may want to consider a synthetic wig this summer. Human hair wigs look natural because they are martial of real human hair. In the summer, human hair collects sweat and oils, and become very heavy. Synthetic wig hair fibers are lighter and don’t collect as much as liquid. For the hottest months of the year, synthetic wigs will keep you cooler and feel lighter on your head.

Which Wigs Style Is Best For Summer?

Bob wigs is the best for summer. Short hair wigs will also be cooler in the summer, for obvious reasons that you don’t have heavier hair hanging down the back of your neck. Wigs with less volume, too, will be cooler, to let airflow in.  Consider the pixie, an angled bob, a fun wavy bob or even straight wig looks thinned down for cooler hair wearing in summer’s heat. Here are some tips and ways could help you have a bit less hot and uncomfortable summer when wearing a wig.

1. Change a wig cap.

Traditional wig caps are made of materials that don’t breathe well with bad ventilation. This means you will easily overheat during the hot summer. For these situations, stretch caps, feature built-in ventilation systems will keep you cooler and more comfortable without giving up your hair wig. *In addition, light cotton caps or synthetic caps with moisture-wicking fabric are also a good choice, which will keep perspiration off of your head. *A fishnet cap is also naturally ventilated.

2. Shave your own hair more often. 

Shave the hair under the wig more often in summer.

3. Wear your wig in an updo.

Most wigs allow you to wear in an updo or a ponytail, for 360 lace wigs and full lace wigs they even allow you to wear in a high ponytail or high bun.

4. Wear a wig grip.

A wig Grip band (not cap) is ideal for summer, as it is soft and doesn’t cover your whole head. You can also use a silicone gripper band.  Many people swear by whole head bamboo wig caps for summer, too.

5. If you don’t want to wear hair wig in summer, what other choices?

If you’re spending any amount of time outdoors in the daytime without a head covering, be sure to wear plenty of sunblock (SPF 50 or higher) on your head, ears and face.

6. Maintain tips: Regular cleaning

You don't usually need to wash your hair every day with a replacement. In fact, too much washing can cause damage and excessive wear and tear. However, in the summer, it is best to wash your hair regularly to remove excess grease and sweat caused by rising temperatures. If you don’t want to wear a wig, but still hope a volume and long hair to make you be glamour girl, you can try our hair extensions like tape in hair extension and clip in hair extensions.
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