Lace Closure Vs Silk Base Closure: How Are They Different

If you like to make just the simple hairstyles, you should try using the closure. It will give you the simplicity of a hairstyle but in an elegant way. There are two significant types of closure they include the lace closure and silk closures. A closure hairpiece may be made of silk or lace base, lace closure weave being the most popular choice. However, silk base closure is also a good choice because they look more natural. Next, we will keep going to talk about the differences between a lace closure and a silk closure.

What Is Lace Closure?

A lace closure is suitable for women who love simple hairstyles. The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline. Lace closures are available in many different styles including three-part, the free part, and the middle part. Three-part closures let you part the hair in three different ways while the middle part closures only give you one option. Free part, as the name indicates, allows you to part your hair however you wish to. A lace closure sew in will not cover the entire head. It is placed on top of the hair in the horseshoe part. Lace closures also require more bundles for a full install. It is recommended to use 3 bundles with closure or 4 bundles with lace closure.


A closure hairpiece blends in extremely well with natural hair. Thin swiss lace can give the appearance of a “natural” Looking scalp that will keep others guessing. Swiss lace closures easy to sew down flat and do not have the typical line of demarcation that silk closures tend to have. When installed correctly lace closures have the ability to make your virgin human hair appear to be literally growing from your scalp. It helps you steer clear of hair damage. Lace closures can also help you protect your leave out from excessive use of heat and manipulation. With lace closure, you typically won’t need to leave out and can, therefore, give that section of your hair a break. Lace closure of various sizes, including 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure, 7x7 lace closure, 13x4 lace frontal and 13x6 lace frontal, lace closure select according to their preferences. They are versatile in that you have the option to pick your favorite parting option. You can part them from the middle of the sides. By adding a lace closure to your install you will also be adding more parting space, giving you more room and freedom to switch up your part whenever you feel necessary.


To achieve the best results, the lace closure will require some tweaking.  Lace closure requires knot bleaching or dyeing beforehand since the bleached knots will provide you a scalp-like effect, which makes you feel as if hair strands are growing directly from your scalp.  If you do not bleach the knots properly, you risk the chance of ruining your closure or the hair before you use it. On the other hand, foundation or concealer may be added to the lace to enhance the natural appearance.

What Is Silk Closure?

A silk base closure is made with a silk base. They are made with hair strands embedded into a nude, skin-like silk material that is reinforced with lace. Unlike lace closures there are no visible knots, thus gives you more of natural scalp like appearance. Silk base front closure is a closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural-looking hairline; the base used normally looks so much like your natural scalp. For this reason, you can part them and style them however way you would like to. It is the most natural-looking closure in the hair industry and you don’t need to bleach the knot before installing it.


They are made using the best material that is further thick. For this reason, silk base closures have a longer life than the lace closure. Silk base closures usually don’t call for bleaching. They are natural-looking. The silk base makes the closure blend well with the scalp hence it is hard to be detected. Entirely due to the silk fabric backing on the closure, the knots are not detectable and so imitate the scalp without considerable changes.


The silk-based closure is that the base is a little thicker, so it will not lay as flat on your head as a lace based closure. This mostly makes it look unreal. Despite the fact that the silk component helps to conceal the knots to provide a natural scalp appearance, all scalps are not created the same. If your scalp is darker than the silk material, you need to dye the silk base to match your skin color.

Difference Between Lace Closure And Silk Base Closure

The big difference in a lace closure and silk closure is the material, color, durability, and cost.

The Material Used

First of all, the material used for the silk closure is usually thicker than the one used for the lace closure. Its thickness makes it hard for it to lie flatter for a more natural look. The lace closure, on the other hand, being light will lie flat on the scalp making everything look so natural.

The Color

The lace of lace closures comes in different shades that you can match with your scalp color. But the texture of the lace base is still thin and transparent. The transparent lace closure has a see-through lace, while normal brown lace frontal offers light, medium, and dark brown colored lace. On the other hand, silk closures usually come in a single light color which therefore says that those of us with the darker complexion aren’t catered for. Thankfully though you can use a foundation to change the parting color.

The Cost

The lace closure is cheaper while you may have to put in the extra effort. The silk-based closure uses the silk material which made it more expensive. Both hair closure types are use virgin hair.


Longevity is also another important factor to consider, it tells about the strength of a material. The layers and material used in making the silk-based closure make it long-lasting. If you have the silk it will last longer than the very light and thin lace-based closure.

What To Choose: Lace Closure Vs Silk Closure?

Lace vs silk is all about personal preference. Some people don't like lace because the material is too thin some people don't like silk because it is too thick. This will definitely have to be a decision your stylists or whoever is installing your weave will make. No matter which one you choose the most important factor is that it is put in to look natural. Try both to be sure you know which one you’re most comfortable with or allow a professional to conduct a brief consultation to see which closure will be best considering your hairline, head-shape, lifestyle, and the style you’re looking for to achieve.
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