How To Install a Lace Closure

The lace closure is a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of lace closure weave make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed, or the less thrilling receding hairline. When installed correctly it can help create a flawless install! Many women agree that lace closures have improved the overall appearance of their human hair installs. Well, how to install a lace closure? I'll tell you this in today's blog.

What Is A Lace Closure?

The lace closure is unique hairpieces in which each hair strand is tied onto a piece of lace. There are some popular types of laces like silk base, swiss lace, transparent lace, etc. The laces are either beige or dark brown. Human hair closures come in different sizes, and the most common are 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure and 7x7 lace closure. The closure allows you to have a wig without leaving out any hair. Lace closures are applied by sewing down the sides and back and then gluing it at the hairline or depending on the skill level of the stylist it can be seen at the hairline. The lace closure allows freestyle parting which means it can be parted and styled in any matter. Soft and invisible transparent lace closure blend with your skin color perfectly. Comparing to common light brown lace closure, the lace color of transparent lace closure is lighter, looks like light beige color. With transparent lace closure hair, it can give you crown confidence, because it is easy to create a realistic hairline. The knots are bleached slightly to avoid destroying the hair roots. Silk closure is a closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural-looking hairline. A silk base closure is made with a silk base. With the silk closure, it has a layer of silk in which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace. Silk closures are made of a thicker fabric than lace. Silk closures normally run light in color so you may have to tint the fabric to match your skin color or use a foundation that is the color of your skin in the parting area. Some silk closures give a thicker appearance than lace around the hairline leaving a line of demarcation. The swiss lace closure is elaborately processed through many different stages. It was carefully processed each strand of hair to create a beautiful, and non-rough as well as becoming the trendy product. The Swiss lace is the most undetectable material and it has many colors to suit your skin tone. Thin Swiss lace can give the appearance of a “natural” Looking scalp that will keep others guessing. When installed correctly lace closures have the ability to make your virgin human hair appear to be literally growing from your scalp.

Why Choose A Lace Closure?

Looks Very Natural. The reason why many people choose the lace closure is that it can help you create a natural-looking scalp just as your own head show. The lace used on the closures is the very thin and same color as the scalp and hence it looks natural. When installed perfectly, lace closures have the ability to make your virgin human hair appear to be growing from your scalp. Protective Style. With a lace closure in place, all the hair can be plaited beneath the beautiful weave or wig, and hence the hair will be safe from breakage and other damage. These products have a protecting function because they can prevent outside factors like environmental elements or pollutants from damaging your real hair. Abundant Texture. With lace closure, you don’t need to worry about that if your original hair is matching the lace closure or not. We got so many different hair textures including the body wave lace closure, loose wave lace closure, deep wave lace closure, curly lace closure, and so on. So you can choose the texture that suits you best. Low Maintenance. Unlike sew-in lace frontal wigs, owning a lace closure hairpiece doesn't require a whole lot of experience in order to care for and maintain it. The most work you could ever do on lace closure wigs or extensions is washing, conditioning, and styling it. Versatile Part. The best part about our lace closure is that you can part & style your hair in any direction you desire! The middle part, free-part, or three-part-options are endless.

How To Install a Lace Closure?

It is quite easy for you to wear a lace closure. By following a few simple steps, you can install your lace closure more easily and quickly. Now, we’re here to give you a quick tutorial on how to install our lace closure to give your finished hairstyle a more natural look. First, cornrow your hair braiding the top/middle section back for the placement of the lace closure. You want your lace closure to lay down as flat as possible to create a natural look. Then place the lace closure on top of the head so you may pre-determine where you want to weft the closure piece. Eye mark the area. After that, it is time for you to start cutting the extra lace around the base of the closure. It is advised to leave half an inch of lace around the sides and the back of the extension. In addition, you can also adjust by putting the lace closure over your braids until it lines up with the hairline. Next, take a few strands of hair from the closure, and using a razor, trim the strands to create baby hair. Then, using hair gel, lay down the baby hairs, so that it blends with your own. This will make the lace closure look even more natural. Now, carefully place the lace closure piece tight on the head and anchor the left and right side to position in place and to prevent gaps in the forehead area. Make sure you sew the lace closure down tight and flat. If it’s loose, it won’t look right. Always check and make sure the lace closure isn’t twisting out of place while you are sewing it down. Sew the lace closure following its u-shape form. If it seems like the closure doesn’t blend in with your scalp, you can take a little concealer and blend it from the closure to the top of your forehead. Finally, after you finish the lace closure installation, it is time for you to style your hair. You are able to braid, curl or make some simple hairstyles as the way you make with your natural hair. Undoubtedly, the lace closures will offer you a very natural look with beautiful and voluminous hair.

Where To Buy The Best Lace Closure?

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