Ways To Make Your Hair Curls Last Longer?

Every women want to change her hairstyle after one is for a period of time. Except your own natural hairstyle, other transformational hairstyle may last not very long. I changed my straight hair to curly hair, and i find the curls doesn’t last very long. This confused me for a time. After some trial and error, I found some tips that made a big difference in the duration of the curls. Keep reading to know the ways to make your hair curls last longer.

1. Use Thermal protectant Before Curling Your Hair

This is the most important styling product that can be used on hair before heat setting, which is the first way most women damage their hair. You can purchase a thermal protectant at any drug store or hair salon, or you can use some hair oil as a thermal protectant for natural purposes. This is a natural and effective way to protect your hair from heat setting.

2. Use Hair Spray To Restore Hair Curls

Help your curly hair! Applying the styling product to the hair helps keep the curls for a longer period of time. Apply a little mousse before drying your hair, depending on the condition that is right for your hair. Or, spray a little gelatin before, during, and after curling. This will make your hair rougher and help extend the life of your curls.

3. Pull Your Hair In a Scrunchy When Sleeping

Before going to bed at night, flip your head down and pull your hair all the way to the top of your head. Use a hair scrunchy to secure it loosely. Then the next morning when you wake up, you can remove it. The curls will be better than ever. This is the most important thing that makes my curly hair look the best, really the easiest!

4. Choose The High Quality Curling Iron That Suits Your Hair

High-end curling wands and curling irons are usually coated with tourmaline or ceramics, which have been proven to cause less damage to the hair than straight metal. Yes, they may be more expensive, but they are less harmful to the hair and have a better calorific value (so you can heat in a shorter time). And the barrel size is also very important, because the size of the barrel determines the size and tightness of your curl. If you want to curl the hair extensions, be sure to use a lower 250 F heat setting because the hair extension is more fragile than natural hair.

5. Tips on How Make Hair Curl Last Longer

*Using too much product in your hair, such as mousse and hair gel, can make your hair heavy and skewed at the roots, so curls won't stay too long. *Natural oils in your hair can sometimes help keep your curls, so when your hair is dry, try using a pair of pliers to curl your hair. *If you want better curls, don't wash your hair often with shampoo and conditioner. Use shampoo and conditioner only once a week. We have remy clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions. If you don't want to do much hair style on your own hair, then the hair exentions are good choice.
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