Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Or Hot Fusion Hair Extension?

Hair extensions are also known as hair integration. They are used to add the length and volume of the hair. Hair extensions are divided into hot fusion hair extension and cold fusion hair extension. Many people are very confused about what they are, what is the difference and which is better. We collect its information.

The Difference Between Cold Fusion And Hot Fusion

What Is Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is a method attached at the keratin-based flat tips (U-tip or V-tip) with a heating element. Hot fusion hair extension is also known as keratin hair extension and pre-bonded hair extension.

Apply them to your natural hair in small bundles using heated keratin adhesive. Since your hair is already made up of 90% keratin (a protein compound), this method is actually gentler to your hair than normal glue.

What Is Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold fusion is also known as micro-link or i-tip hair extension. This is another method of twisting by weaving a small portion of the hair through a micro link tube.

Cold hair fusion extensions were created to be a gentle alternative than keratin hot fusion hair extensions. Cold fusion method does not use heat to install the hair extensions to your own hair.

How To Apply Cold Or Hot Fusion Hair Extensions?

The applying steps on cold fusion hair extensions

Cold fusion-- I tip hair extensions(no glue, no tape) are perfect for women who want to be healthy and natural.

The applying steps on Hot fusion hair extensions

The hot fusion hair extension can last about 2-4 months, it need about 2 hours to install them. You can style your hair with many different ways with hot fusion hair extensions.

The Pros And Cons Of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions


*The no-heating element of cold fusion hair extension reduces hair damage

* It can be installed super close to the roots, which making it blend really well with your natural hair

*Recommended for fine hair


*Takes a long time to put in, about 4 hours

*The clamping tool can cause hair breakage

*The hair extensions are not reusable

*You may experience headache or irritation for a few days after application

The Pros And Cons Of Hot Fusion Hair Extensions


*The most durable method, the hair extensions can can last about 6-8months with proper maintain.

*the keratin will be invisible while it dried out.

*Blends perfectly with your natural hair


*With an application time of 6 hours, this process is tiresome

*The heat of application will damage your hair

*Not reusable

*You may experience headache, discomfort, or itching for a few days after application

*You need to find a trained professional to do this, because if it is handled incorrectly, it can seriously damage your hair.

Now you have known the differnece between cold fusion hair extensions and hot fusion hair extensions. Which one do you think is better? Kriyya hair offer 100% remy clip in hair etxensions and permanent hair.

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