How To Change Your Hair Color Without Damage It?

Maybe your own hair is very beautiful. But for many occasions, such as Halloween or parties, you may need different hairstyles or hair colors. There are also some fashion women who want to have different hairstyles or colour every day. Have you ever though about that ”how to change your hair color without damage it?”. Every women may thought this question. We have several ways to temporarily change your hair color without long-term dyeing or bleaching it. And these methods won’t hurt your own hair. Let’s keep reading.

1. Clip In Hair Extensions

If you just want to change your hair color and hairstyle for a party or night-out, clip in hair extension is a good choice. This kind of hair extensions install easily and look natural. In addition to change your hair color, it adds your hair length. When the party or special occasion is over, you take them off and you hair will return to original look. Of course, you can wear them at any time, too.

2. Human Hair Wigs

If you have a short and thin hair, human hair wigs are better for you. Human hair wigs come into various colors and styles, curly hair wig, body wave hair wig, straight hair wig or water wave hair wig, they can both change your hairstyle and hair color. And compared with regular human hair wigs, lace wigs are better. Because both lace front wigs and full lace wigs can create a natural hairline, which make them look real. If you don’t want to wear hair wig or hair extensions, here are some other ways to change your hair color.

3. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is very great for dyeing your hair color. It has many colors to choose. Due to its opacity, it usually show up on every hair color. When use it, just wet your hair, divide it into several sections, and then run the hair chalk down your hair bundle. It can lasts 2-4 times of shampoo.

4. Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is not only used to cover gray, it’s a simple technique to add a fun pop of bold color. Apply the wand to your hair and smooth on some color. It is the most temporary dye and can only last 1-2 times of shampoo.

5. Colored Hairspray

Colored hairspray will allow you to try on a light color or even richer colors throughout the concentration area. It all depends on how you apply it. However, no matter what you choose, there is no promise. It will be rinsed out immediately.

Is Temporary Color Dye Damage Your Own Hair?

The less harmful dye is the only dye you should use on your hair. The temporary hair color is completely different. There is no possibility of damage. Just make sure you switch to a color-safe shampoo to retain any temporary color. Tips: It won't necessarily damage your natural hair color, but it may take longer to discolor than your expectation. We recommend you to store clip in hair extensions or hair wigs, they can be re-used. Temporary hair dyes are also expensive, and you must purchase them each time you want to temporarily change your hair color.

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