How To Use Clip In Ponytail Hair Extensions

Kriyya high quality remy clip in ponytail hair extensions have arrived! We have 12 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch with different weight ponytail hair extensions. And our wrap around design makes it easy application to create a volume and longer pony in minutes. Here are steps on how to apply clip in ponytail hair extensions:

How To Install Wrap Clip In Ponytail Extensions

1. Choose a wrap ponytail extensions of your preferred length, and make sure the color and the texture match closely with your own hair. 2. Comb and brush your own hair to ensure your own hair without knots and tangle. And keep it smooth. 3. Pull up your own hair into a regular ponytail as desired. Collect your hair with an elastic band. *If your hair is medium or longer, insert the ends of the hair into the elastic band to form a small ring or a bun. Or you can braid your ponytail hair. *If your have a short hair, you just need pull up your own hair into a common ponytail. 4. Use a gel or spray to control tiny ”flaps”or short hair around the face or neck back that may escape elasticity. 5. Take your kriyya remy ponytail extensions with the lace side facing down. 6. Place on top of the base of your own ponytail and slide the clip into the place above your hair elastic. 7. Start by wrapping the small section of hair around the base of your pony. 8. Keep wrapping until you reach the end of the section. 9. Tuck the end of the hair underneath the wrap section and use a bobby pin to secure in place. 10. Smooth down any flyaway with hairspray for a ultra sleek look! Except the new arrival ponytail extensions, our main products: clip in hair extensions--also can give you a thicker and longer ponytail within minutes. We will introduce how to use the clip in hair extensions to add the length and volume of ponytail hair next time, pls pay attention to it!
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