How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Clip In Hair Extensions

If you are looking for Kriyya clip-in hair extensions online for sale, you may think about how to choose the right thickness of Kriyya clip-ins? Today we will tell you how to choose the right thickness of Kriyya hair extensions, as well as the difference between the sets. Or you can watch the video via All Kriyya hair clip-in hair extensions are made of high quality remy human hair, and come in a full headset. To solve the problem of adding hair length and volume, we design three types of hair for your unique need. Kriyya hair offers three different weights: 100g, 120g, and 160g. Let’s see the difference between these three weights as follows.

100 Gram & 120 Gram Kriyya Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you have fine and thin hair, while you want to add some length and volume, the 100g set or 120g set both are ok. The 100g clip in hair extension set comes with 8 pieces set which contain: two 8 inch weft with 3 clips, two 6 inch weft with 2 clips, two 4 inch weft with 2 clips and two 2 inch weft with a single clip. The 120g Kriyya hair clip in hair extensions set comes with 7 piece set, that is: one 8 inch weft with 4 clips, one 7 inch weft with 4 clips, three 6 inch wefts with 3 clips and two 5 inch wefts with 2 clips. Let’s look at the transformation with a 120g black clip-ins Kriyya hair set below. Like the picture shows above, the hair has more length and volume which makes her hair looks completely natural. And her real hair covers the clips and hair wefts. If you are a hair extension beginner, please learn how to use it by

160 Gram Kriyya Clip-ins Set

160g set is an ideal choice for those who have regular and medium thickness hair. If you still want to make your natural hair longer and more, you can choose the 160g clip-ins set. The 160 grams of hair come with 10 pieces of hair wefts in total, such as: one 8 inches weft with 4 clips, one 7 inches with 4 clips, two 6 inches wefts with 3 clips, two 4 inches wefts with 2 clips and four 1.5 inches wefts with one single clip. Let’s look at the changing with a 160 gram dark brown Kriyya hair clip-in hair extensions set. As you can see, this set adds hair length and volume which looks quite natural.

Ponytail Hair Piece

Ponytail Hair Pieces are made from real human hair. Anyone can easily attach and remove in minutes. If you want a gorgeous long full ponytail hair, then it is w to choose this wrap ponytail. Except for clip in hair extensions, Kriyya hair store online offers I tip hair extensions, U tip hair extensions, sew in hair extensions and remy tape in hair extensions. So if you are interested in human hair, There should be one hair extension that fits for you.
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