How Do You Style a Wig With Bangs

Our hair says a lot about us and if your hair is sending you the message that you look tired or overworked, then it is time for a new look.  Changing hairstyle is a fun way to reinvent your look. 

If you are thinking of getting bangs but not sure whether they are for you? Then perhaps you may want to try human hair wigs with bangs before committing to the real thing. Everyone has gone through at least one bang phase in their lives.  Bangs can instantly make a statement and offer an instant facelift. Now, the tricky part is finding the wig that is easy to wear and offers a natural look.  For the most natural-looking wig, it is best to choose one that is made of human hair.  As it is real, the hair falls and swings the same way as what natural hair does. The bonus point is that the hair can be styled, blow-dried and curled just like real hair.

Why Choose Wigs With Bangs?

Having bangs on the best human hair wigs is great to eliminate the need for a lace front because there is no need to worry about the hairline showing.  Wigs with bangs are different from the classic beach waves or smooth & straight appearance so it can get a little confusing on how to style them for your personal & unique features.  Picking a style that works well to highlight your features is most important when it comes to bangs. While some women look stunning with a bold blunt cut bang, others better suit a wispy side-swept look.   

Wigs With Bangs Hairstyles

A new hairstyle can make a big difference to your overall appearance, do wonders for your mood and even take years off your face. Scroll down to read more on the types of wigs with bangs and find one that best suit your style. 

Straight Bangs

Straightened bangs are extremely flattering too. This style offers the 'girl next door’ look and helps to add a whole new chic style to your look. How to get this look? Sweep the bangs to the side with a wig comb while using a dryer with a diffuser downwards onto your new bangs.  Comb them through in a downwards motion. Then add some wig hair spray or styling cream to help hold the hair in place.

Curtain Bangs 

Curtain bangs is a style that is straight from the 70's and it is making a huge comeback.  The bangs are parted straight down the middle and frame the face on either side. This style helps to frame the face & accentuate the facial.   To achieve this look just part your bangs in the center to create a curtain effect. They can be parted evenly or unevenly depending on the look you are going for. Then use a styling cream to help hold them into place & you are good to go. Get bob wigs with bangs for the most flattering and easy-going vibe.

Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are super flattering & very popular. It is the perfect go-to style for the wild, fun, & free look. To achieve this look, sweep your bangs to the side, hold them in place and comb them to the side.  Apply a styling cream and you are done!  You can get highlighted wigs with bangs to create this unique look. 

Micro Bangs

Regular bangs typically stop just before the eyebrows but micro bangs which are also known as baby bangs sit at least an inch or two above the brows. These super short bangs give a retro touch to both short and long hair.

Wispy Bangs

Women with longer face shapes and sharp jawlines look great with wispy bangs.  For this style, the soft strands barely touch the brows. 

Bangs With Updos

Many women love sexy updo. This look just screams effortless, confidence and fun.  To achieve a beautiful updo with these weave bundles, just pull it up as you would with your natural hair like a ponytail or bun.  Then sweep the bangs in the front or downward depending on how you want it to look. Apply the styling cream to help hold them in a place where you wish.

Full Bangs

A full fringe is a classic accessory that can transform any look within minutes. Full bangs bring attention to the eyes.  Many women love this style because it also helps to conceal fine lines or a high forehead.

In Conclusion

It is easier than ever to add bangs to your look without the commitment or the risk of a bad haircut. Wearing a wig with bangs allows you to change the way you look in an instant. Whether you have lost some of your hair, test out a new hair color or just wanting to change your look, there are thousands of options out there. Visit, order it now.

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