How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are a popular choice for wigs, they can provide natural beauty and versatility. Human hair lace wigs are an investment. You buy them because they are made of human hair, and they can be styled like natural hair to make you look beautiful. A new wig is very nice and perfect, but if it is not protected, it will become frizzy.

Why Are Human Hair Wigs Frizzy?

In fact, frizz is the normal problem of human hair wigs. However, this does not mean that the problem cannot be solved. Before we start researching ways to deal with frizz, we must first understand why your hair dyed wig is frizzy. There are many reasons. First: Hair quality is always considered the main reason. Well, this is an important factor. Of course, because of the complete scales, Remy hair is stronger, more natural, and longer-lasting than non-Remy hair. Therefore, you also need to choose high-quality human hair wigs, such as human hair bob wigs. Second: lack of moisture is one of the main reasons for human hair wigs. Unlike your hair growing from the scalp, bundles with closure cannot obtain similar benefits from the moisture of the scalp. If you use it carelessly for a long time, the human hair wig becomes prone to frizz. Third: Improper care of hair can lead to human hair wigs, such as frequent shampooing, perm, and so on. Fourth: Weather conditions have a great impact on these products. This leads to frizz.

How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs?

Because the hair of the wig does not grow out of its own scalp, it will not receive continuous nutrition from the body, so no matter the price of the wig, the hair is easy to curl. Here, we share some basic tips to repair and prevent frizz.


Step 1: Use T-pin to fix the human hair wig on the wig head. Step 2: Fully soak the wig with warm water. Step 3: Apply conditioner and let the conditioner sit for ten minutes. Step 4: Rinse the hair thoroughly with water under the tap. Step 5: Naturally dry the wig. It is important to let the hair dry and enjoy the tangled hair. Step 6: Mix water and a small amount of argan oil in a spray bottle and spray all over the hair. Step 7: Place the fake on the wig stand, and brush your wig with your fingers or wide teeth. Finally: trim the ends of lace front wigs with baby hair and cut off the split ends to achieve beautiful hair.


Tip 1: You can wash your hair wigs at most once a month. Use non-alcoholic products containing natural oils and fats to help replenish moisture in human wigs. Tip 2: Apply essential oils to the hair of human hair wigs. When applying products to human hair wigs, make sure to use natural products. Try coconut oil or castor oil for better results. Tip three: To extend the life of wigs as much as possible, avoid heating tools. Heating tools such as perm tools and hair dryers may burn hair tresses and cause hair frizz and breaks. Tip 4: Give the wig to the beautician or hairstylist every two weeks for bifurcation and trimming. Use scissors to cut off the dry ends and cut off the excess to achieve beautiful hair. Tip 5: Avoid falling asleep in wigs, especially sleeping with wet hair, because the friction between the wig and the pillowcase will make the hair tangled. Tip 6: Please store your hair properly when not wearing it. Place it in a cool, dry place free of dust. If you follow all the human hair wig tips listed above, you should be able to make your wig frizz-free and look beautiful for a long time.
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