How To Make A Wig Step By Step?

Wigs can instantly change your look and hairstyle! A high-quality virgin wig looks very realistic, no different from real hair. But real human hair wigs are slightly more expensive and not everyone can afford them. If you really want to have the best human hair wigs, but the budget is not enough, you can consider buying online at kriyya. Kriyya has an enormous variety of human hair, such as 100 human hair wigs, cheap lace front wigs, straight hair wigs, curly lace front wigs. With the top-grade quality and the best service, our products received many customer's consistent good comments & Feedback and are most popular for modern girls. In most cases, women can make their own wigs with the most popular trends and your personal style. human hair wefts

Benefits Of Making A Wig At Home

Advantage 1: You can completely customize the wig and make it to your liking! Advantage 2: Make wigs at home, which greatly reduces costs and helps you save money. human hair wigs for women

How To Make A Wig With Hair Extensions?

If you are a beginner in wigs, making wigs yourself seems to be a very complicated and difficult task, but it is actually very simple. With some tutorials and tips, you can make a wig that fits perfectly and looks real. Read on to learn the steps for making a wig from scratch. Check the tools for making a wig. It includes a mannequin head, a curved straight needle, a pair of scissors, a white pencil, some hair clips, a wig cap, a pin, yarn or thread, a hair comb, and an elastic band. best human hair wigs Step 1: Measure. First, take the white pencil out of the toolbox and mark the ears on the wig cap. This will serve as a guide to help you understand exactly where to set up the lace frontal. Step 2: Making the Cap. Put the wig cap on the model's head, adjust the position of the wig cap, and fix it with a pin. Step 3: Prepare the wig. An important factor to consider when making a wig is the texture of the hair. Choose between synthetic hair, real hair, and virgin hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest hair, but it doesn't always look so realistic and can be damaged by heating and styling products. Human hair looks more realistic and it is more durable than artificial hair. Virgin hair is the most durable of all hair. Virgin hair can also be reused for many years, making it more expensive for quality reasons. If you want to make a good quality wig, it is recommended to use real hair or virgin hair. Step 4: Start with your lace frontal or closure. Next, you need to sew the lace closure to the wig cap. Set lace frontal at the mark of the wig cap, and stitch at the bottom of the lace where the lace meets the hair. Then sew it along the edges. Don't forget to tie knots, especially at the beginning and end of sewing, to ensure that lace frontal or closure is secure. real human hair wigs Step 5: Sewing the weft. The number of bundles used for making the wig varies with individuals, for most people four human hair weft bundles will do the trick, while for others with three human hair weft bundles they're good to go. Measure and cut the extensions to fit Around the wig cap, while fixing it from bottom to front. If you are really good at sewing, you don't have to cut the weft thread, you can fold it. Lay the tracks in a more U-shaped pattern. You will need to leave about 1 inch of space between them. Step 6: Add a wig belt. If you are concerned that your wig will fall off when you wear it in public. You can add a wig strap and wig comb inside the wig to increase safety and make it more personal when wearing the wig. Step 7: Customize the wig. After the wig is made, you can style it to make it look better. Use a heat setting tool to curl or straighten it. Even cut or layer it with scissors, cut the wig a bit and make it look more natural and realistic. If you follow each step carefully, you will be able to make your own lace front wig!
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