How To Choose The Right Hair Extension Color

Kriyya hair extension offers 4 beautiful colors, including Black, Brown, Blond, Red. A perfect color match means that your hair extension will seamlessly blend into your hair and look very natural. Buy a hair extension color that suits you, not just rely on your intuition, but also consider your skin tone, natural hair color, etc. The hair extension color chosen in this way can withstand the test of time and give you the most gorgeous and natural appearance.

Hair Extension Colors:

Black hair extensions are the darkest hair with cool tones, black shadows, and a light blue undertone. They usually work best on dark skin tones and light skin tones are also suitable. Brown hair extensions are rich, true brown hair colors and chocolate. This is a color that almost anyone can wear, especially for those with hazel or brown eyes. Blonde extensions are a classic blonde shade that looks like butter and honey, mixed together to make a whole golden, sun-kissed shade. This color can increase the vividness and make the skin tone lighter. Red hair extensions are a vibrant red, our latest natural red shade! It has warm copper and red undertones, which is perfect for cool, pale skin tones and bright eyes. Bold and unique, this shade is guaranteed to turn heads.

How To Match Hair Extensions With Your Hair Color?

Method 1: Match Your Hair Color

When you really decide to buy a hair extension, one very important thing you need to pay attention to is the color of the hair extension. Compare the color of your hair extension to your natural hair color until you find a matching hair extension color. It is best to match your natural hair color in daylight, because daylight will show all the shadows and let you make the perfect choice.

Method 2: Match The Ends Of The Hair

Pick the right place for your natural hair and hair extension. These hair extensions appear under the hair, so matching colors to the bottom usually gives better results. If you want the most natural look so your hair extensions won't be detected, choose your hair extension color based on the ends of your hair.

Method 3: Determine The Tone Of Your Hair

It is important not only to look at the shade of the hair, but also to pay attention to the hue! For example, our Jet Black # 1 and Natural Black # 1B are both black, but with slightly different shades. Therefore, be sure to consider the undertones of natural hair when choosing a shadow.

Method 4: Customize Hair Color

You can redesign the colors you like on the hair extensions you bought. First buy hair of the same or lighter color as the desired color, and then use semi-permanent or semi-permanent hair dye to style the hair. But this method may damage your hair extension.

Method 5: Consider Hair Extension Quality

When choosing the right hair extension shadow, it is also important to consider the quality of the hair extension. Synthetic wigs often appear unnaturally colored and look unnatural. High-quality hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, and the color is similar to your spontaneous hair color, and it looks natural.

Method 6: Ask a Customer Service Specialist

The website offers free shadow matching services to ensure you choose the ideal package. Email your hair selfie to our experts and they will match your natural hair with the right shade.
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