How Many Different Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions mean the hair used to add your hair volume or hair length, changing your hairstyle. There are different types of hair extensions, today we will share with you how many types of hair extensions. Here we talk about real 100 human hair extensions.

Different types of hair extensions:

Temporary hair extensions

Type 1: clip in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the main products in the Kriyya hair store online. All the clip-ins are 100% Remy human hair extensions and available in multiple different lengths with various hair colors. The clip is good for the fix on your hair, not too tight nor too loose, very light and easy to install. Clip-in hair extensions can be finished less than 10 minutes at home which adds your hair length and volume very well.

Permanent hair extensions

Type 2: U-tip hair extensions. U-Tip Hair Extensions also called U-tip or nail-tip hot fusion extensions, it is Remy human hair. After hot fusion, install this fingernail like u-tipped ends around your natural hair to get a flawless length and volume. It is a kind of permanent hair extensions, so u-tip hair extensions can last longer on your head. You can reuse it with proper care. Type 3: I-tip hair extensions. I-tip hair extensions are installed with a strand by strand application. 50g|1g/s cold fusion hair extensions. Shop best high-quality I-tip hair extensions add your beauty from the head. The way of using it is the same as the u-tip hair extensions. Before you use is, you can melt the I-tip to your real hair, then make the hair fix it well. Type 4: Tape in hair extensions. Shop high-quality tape in hair extensions from the Kriyya hair extensions stores online. All tape-ins are 100% human hair which creates a secure and comfortable hair look. Tape-Ins can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, 2-3 weeks later should take off and re-install it. Tape in hair extensions can be reused at least 12 months with proper care. Type 5: Micro link hair extensions. Micro link hair extension is the best hair extensions method. It is a new process of taking cold fusion hair extensions. Micro link extensions entail the application of individual hair extensions to your hair, strand by strand using small metallic loops that are attached to the hair extension.

Other special hair extensions

Type 6: clip in ponytail extensions. Clip-in ponytail extensions that anyone can master in minutes. An amazing long, full ponytail that seamlessly wraps around for an invisible look. So somebody also calls it wrapped ponytails. Type 7: hair weft or sew in hair extensions. This is a kind of hair extensions, when you open the hair extensions, it appearances like a weft, so the name called is hair extensions. Customers can cut the hair weft and sew it on your head with a hair cap. Usually this kind of hair weft used by African American women, but the other kinds of hair extensions normally used for white women who want to add your hair volume and hair length. All these hair extensions just make the beauty for the lady.
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