How To Remove Hair Extensions?(Different Type Methods)

Hair extensions can switch your appearance immediately. When you have some special occasions such as wedding, proms or others. Extensions can add length and volume so that it can meet your demands of different hairstyle. After applying hair extensions, you’ll need to remove it at some time. How to remove hair extensions properly is very important. Before we start the removal process, let's talk about the deletion time! Anyway, when do you need to remove the extensions?

When Should You Remove Your Hair Extensions?

There is no fixed time to remove your hair extensions. Actually, it depends on what type of extensions you have. Let’s see it. Clip-ins Hair extensions If you are wearing clip-in extensions, you can remove them before going to bed. That’s why they are called temporary hair extensions. Tape-ins, I-tip extensions, U-tip hair extensions and micro loop If these extension types must be removed, they should be removed or adjusted after two months usually. Because your own hair will be grow longer in this 2 months, which make your hair extensions down further. Hair growth decides the removal and adjust time. If hair grow very slowly, then extensions can be kept longer. If your old extensions are good, and you don’t want to buy new hair extensions, then you can use them again. Sew-in hair extensions As we all know, sew-in hair extension style can stay longer on the hair than other hair extension types. However, depending on the care you offer and the hair quality, you should have a prescribed time of 2-4 months. Remy sew in hair wefts will be last 3-5 months. Now let’s go over how to remove these extensions.

How To Remove Hair Extensions?

How To Remove Clip-ins Extensions

* Start with 1 to 2 clip wefts on each side of your ear. * Use your finger to find a fixed extended clip. * Press Clip to open them. * While holding the weft with your fingers, gently remove it from your hair. * From smallest to largest, repeat the same process for all clips. As you know, the smaller weft has one or two clips, while the larger weft has three or four clips. Keep this in mind when removing the weft. * If you find any resistance or tangles, do not pull the strands on the weft! Gently untie everything and slowly remove it. After removing the hair extensions, brush and store it in a safe place.

How To Remove Keratin Hair Extensions

* Combing the hair to completely eliminate tangles and knots. * Take five bundles of hair and apply alcohol to each. * Gently squeeze the hair five times with pliers. * Do this for all keratin hair extension bundles. And let the solvent remove the button completely. Let the hair bundles scatter yourself and don't take it off. * Next, add the makeup remover drops after soaking and bonding to slide them out of the extension. Give it time and remove the loose extension cord later. * Add more remover to get rid of all the constraints. You can then use a soft comb to remove the tangles of your hair.

How To Remove Tape-ins Extensions

Adhesive remover is a product used to remove extended tape. This is a clear way to ensure that you remove all adhesive from the roots. * Simply bond the tape to the make-up remover. Make sure you have slipped the makeup remover into the adhesive and allowed it to stand for about 2 minutes. * Start peeling off the tape. If you feel the tape is still stuck, add more makeup remover and give it more time. * You can also use the tail comb to stick it to the tape to make room for easy removal of the pieces. * Next, detoxify the hair to remove residual adhesive before thoroughly cleaning the hair. If you don’t have glue remover at home, then acetone remover without acetone and alcohol-based remover, these two may bring damage to your hair. But natural oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and baby oil are all safe to your hair.

How To Remove U-tip Hair Extensions?

* Find the bond between the hair and the hair extension. Use a mirror if necessary. * Pick up the pliers and squeeze the bond hard. This will initiate the glue decomposition process. * If you do not release the button, squeeze it to one side and then roll between your fingers. * At this point, any adhesive will become small particles, releasing the extension cord. * Repeat this step as needed. Play your favorite music and make it fun.

How To Remove I-tip Hair extensions or Micro Loop

* Since there are many small beads on the head, you need to remove them one by one. * After deciding where to start, find the first bead. * Hold the first wire with one hand and the pliers with the other hand. * Note that it is now a flat bead. * Press the pliers on the other side of the bead to round it again. * The strand will fall off and hardly pull. * Just repeat this process for all the beads!

How To Remove Sew-in Weft Extensions?

* Simply cut the thread with a small pair of scissors or a razor. * The braid is tied into a ponytail and the line is cut from the nape of the neck. * Sometimes, when you cut a single thread, the other parts will just fall off. * Go to the next line and cut the thread again. * During this process, try to remove all knots and lines with wefts. * Now, some people like to apply a lot of oil to their hair after removing the weft, because it will soften the hair. It also prevents cracking. * Please use a wide tooth comb to loose tangles. You have read our removing methods, you may need new hair extensions. Check our for remy hair extensions with high quality.
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