How To Straighten Your Curly Hair Extensions?

After wearing the hair extensions for a period of time, many women like to switch its style. They may have straight hair extensions, and then they want to change it to wavy by using curling tools. Sometimes, they want to straighten their hair extensions if they have a curly extensions. Today, we are going to talk about how to straighten your curly hair extensions.

Can I straighten The Hair extensions?

Before deciding to straighten the curl extension, you should consider the type of hair extensions you have. Synthetic hair cannot withstand heat and cannot be manipulated too much. When it comes to human hair, you need to make sure you choose the right hair extension. Kriyya hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair. The high quality makes kriyya hair can withstand the hot tools. But Not all curls can be easily restored. For example, African metamorphosis hair tends to have a curled curl texture.

What Youll Need

* Hair straightener / flat iron * Paddle brush * Comb (optional) * Hair clip * Brightening essence * Insulation spray

How To Straighten Your Curly Hair Extensions?

1. Use a special hair extension brush (loopbrush) to brush the hair, because the loop brush won’t pull or tangle hair. You can buy a looper brush in a pharmacy or salon. 2. Spray the extension thoroughly with a heat-protectantheat-setting spray. Thermal protectants protect hair from the damage caused by everyday usage of hot tools, such as hair straighteners. 3. If your extensions are clip in hair extensions, place the end of the extension under the weight on the counter or on the edge of the table so that the extension can hang freely. Turn the straightener on for a time to heat up. If they are woven, stitched or bonded extensions, they should be styled on the head. 4. Clampthe hair straightener to your hair and let it pass like a natural hair. The heat of the hair straightener will straighten the hair extensions. Run the straightener multiple times depending on the straightness you want to extend. 5. Use hair spray for long lasting. This style will last for hours unless it has been washedor subjected to harsh weather conditions (wind or rain).

How To Straighten Your Curly Hair Extensions Without Hot Tools?

Are you sensitive about hair extensions and really want to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions as much as possible? Consider using this method. It is not as effective as flat iron, but should be applied to a less texture hairstyle. Required tools: hair blow dryer, hair care products 1. Wash your hair extensions and dry them with a towel. Depending on the total weight, it may be wise to use a headscarf. 2. Apply a small amount of hair serum to smooth your extensions. Don't put too much. Try brands like Paul Mitchell or Oribe. 3. Start brushing your hair extensions while the extensions is still wet and with a small amount of serum. 4. Turn on the blower and place it in a cold setting. About this step, we recommend you take off your extensions at first. So you won’t catch a cold. 5. Please be patient, because you must brush the the hair extensionsuntil it is completely dry. Choose the right hair extensions and have a charming hairstyle.
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