The Pros And Cons of U Tip Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give people the easiest way to have beautiful hairs of dreams. Many luxurious salons provide this service, which only take little time to add length, weight, volume and color to your hair with chemical-free highlights. They give you the freedom to experiment with your hair styles without having to worry about any kind of damage. This article is about the basic about u tip hair extensions and u tip hair extensions pros and cons.

What Are U Tip Hair Extensions?

U tip hair extensions are also called nail tip hair extensions, keratin hair extension, and hot fusion hair extensions, which according to its shape like letter U and applied to the hair by heating up.

How To Install U Tip Hair Extensions?

Bonded strand by strand are belong to the hair using a heating element. Your hair is placed between the U-tip and sealed with a heat extension tool which melts the Keratin glue which is rolled into the hair. The bonds are attached close to the root allowing for a little space for movement. Volume applications use between 150-200 strands whereas length will need as several as 300 strands. The number of strands will depend on the volume and length of the wearer’s own hair, the desired look, and length.

U Tip Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Pros of u tip hair extension

* Seamless connection: If the bond is small enough it will blend seamlessly into your hair. * Wide range in application: Fusion hair extensions are available in a wide range of length, colors, texture and volume. * Without Damage: U tip hair is perfectly safe for your hair scaple and natural hair. If done correctly there should be no discomfort. * Long-lasting: Nail tip hair extensions are most suitable and durable for extended use, which can be applied for 4-6 months at a go if taken care of properly. * Ideal for thick and short hair: This type of hair extension is suitable for thick and short hair. You can use u-tip hair extension to add an extra length and volume. * Natural look: The hot fusion hair extension is attached at the roots of your hair leaving some space. Minimal styling limitation, like your own hair, very natural. * Less heat: The hot fusion applicator too only heats the hair for few seconds and is not as hot as a standard flat iron thus, no damage to the hair.

Cons of u tip hair extension

* Time-consuming: The most time-intensive application and removal. The national average application time is approximately 6-8 hours. Experienced hairstylists can complete a lengthening treatment in 2-4 hours. * Fall off: It may slip off over time with the use of conditioner. * Not reusable: The hair extension is only used once. After the six months of use, you have to throw it away. * Possible damage: The heat used to apply the extension can damage hair.


Never apply oil-based products or tendency to over style. Maintain only every 2-3 months. If want other semi permanent hair extensions such as i tip hair extensions, tape in extension and sew-in hair extensions, you can visit our home page.
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