What Is The Difference Between Remy And Non-Remy Hair

Most people get confused about the two types of hair weaves — Remy Hair and Non-remy Hair. Actually, they have many differences which affect the quality and value of the hair.To understand what is Remy hair and Non-Remy hair ,and the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair, . From this blog, we will help you to distinguish the Remy hair and Non-remy hair. The major defference between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair is the cuticles.Remy Hair is human hair that is collected from one source or donor. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction.Non-Remy hair is 100% human hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles and as a result the cuticles are all misaligned. This hair is easily tangled. What You Will Learn From This Article: Chapter 1: What is Remy Hair? Chapter 2: What is Non-Remy Hair? Chapter 3: What's the difference between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair ?  Chapter 1: What is Remy Hair? Well Remy hair, when people say :"oh well I want Remy hair." A lot of times when you ask people, the common person doesn't know what that means. What it simply means is the cuticle is still intact and all the hair is going one direction and you wanna make sure you do buy, even if you buy Malaysian hair, Peruvian  hair, Indian hair, whatever type of hair you purchase, you only want to order or you only wanna purchase hair that is Remy hair. That means the cuticle is still intact. Why is that an advantage to you? If the cuticle is still intact that means the hair is not going to tangle that means the hair is not going to matt because the hair is protected by the cuticle. The cuticle to your hair is like your skin to your body. It keeps the moisture in, it keeps it shiny, it keeps it silky, it gives it body, it keeps it moving. So if the cuticle is removed, they then have to put a silicone, an artificial cuticle on the hair and you'll be able to tell that within 5 weeks that you have non-Remy hair.   Chapter 2: What is Non-Remy Hair? Non Remy hair is human hair that is collected from multiple sources.Non Remy is sold in its raw state and also as a finished product. In raw form the cuticles are intact but they flow in opposite directions.This can cause tangling and quality issues if not processed properly. Finished Non Remy selections have had the cuticles descaled and all hairs are similar in length giving each piece a thick luscious appearance.Non-Remy hair is hair that does not have it's rooted aligned. In order to prevent hair from tangling, this hair must be processed to remove a portion of the cuticle.Non-Remy hair is difficult to comb and washing during using or process. Some suppliers use silicone coating to try to disguise this problem but non-remy hair will be back its original state after short times using.Non-Remy hair is that they take hair that is from the floor, they weft it, they remove it by a chemical, a chemical umm, that they place over the hair and then they dip it in silicone.Well in 5 weeks that silicone is gonna wash out and your hair is gonna begin to tangle. So the one thing that you wanna make sure is that you're buying Remy hair, meaning that the hair is still intact with the cuticle and the hair is going one direction. Characteristics of Non-Remy hair: Usually contains shedded hair from brushes and off the floor Thin at the ends Contains split ends It will tangle and matte over a short amount of time It only lasts a few weeks to a month It is cheap because it is in great supply   Chapter 3: What's the difference between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair ?  Non-Remy hair is 100% human hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles and as a result the cuticles are all misaligned. This hair is easily tangled and without proper maintenance, it can give a shabby look. Remy Hair is also 100% human hair. In Remy Hair extensions, the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and so the hair does not tangle easily. All of the hair in weave must come from one donor. The hair root is the hair root, the hair is a little hair, braids cut down, head and tail are not reverse, no confusion. This is the best wig making materials. Hair is so elastic. As not dyed natural color, black is the root of the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split ends. But also more flexible after dyeing. Remy Hair refers to the hair surface with scales, and the scales are basically in one direction to smooth hair. Cuticles are a flaky porous layer on the hair. On Remy Hair, the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction. This essentially means that the hair is collected form a single donor. Remy Hair is divided into two types: braided hair and down hair roots. Generally refers braided hair from his head cut off, the first layer is not reversed hair, tail slightly pale yellow. Pour root hair root is the use of inverted bubble machine (throwing hair) follicles with an open and a little part, be able to do the scales toward consensus, make smooth hair effect. Of course, the two are different, generally braiding hair texture same origin than the bubble to be hard, down the root hair in itself is an external force or metabolic shedding hair, so the use of time, lasting more than hair braided hair down roots. The advantage of remy hair is that they don't tangle easily and hence look much better. For Non-Remy hair, human hair is collected in piles cheaply and then sorted to create extensions. The direction of cuticles are mixed up. This makes the hair tangle easily and is difficult to maintain. If you just distinguish REMY and NON-REMY from their appearance. So the above identification method, individuals can not agree. To sum it up: “a look at two touch three feeling.” “One look at the appearance,” it appearance with scales, but generally not too acid treatment, do not baking oil, appearance sometimes seem a little boring some bubble through multi-channel processing later, shiny appearance. “Two touch” touch the end from the beginning, very smooth, touch the head from the tail, some rough, generally smooth hair. After the bubble scales removed, no matter how you feel, basically do not tie a knot, it will look smooth, which is why the bubble are very popular reason to find a girlfriend a good first impression, often lasting go to a not much. “Three feel” feel its softness, feel its elasticity, feeling its wetness. Above are some differences between remy hair and non-remy hair. It is necessary that you should consider carefully. Be smart to choose the best hair extensions for you.  
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