What Are The Best Kinds Of Hair Extensions

Not everyone is blessed with natural heavy hair or full head of hair. With the advancement of technology, there is a solution to every problem in this world. Our hair problems too have got many solutions like surgical and non-surgical. So, now you don’t need to be genetically blessed with healthy and long beautiful hair.Hair extensions are the best solution to date. Hair extensions give people the easiest way to have beautiful hairs of dreams. Many luxurious salons provide this service, which only take little time to add length, volume or even chemical-free highlights with hair extensions. So, still wondering what are the best kinds of hair extensions?

Following is the list of different hair extensions:

Clip-In Hair Extensions

best for medium density These are clip-in style hair extensions, with pressure fasten onto your hair. These are quite tricky to install, but once you get your hands on them it would turn fun for you to change your look whenever you feel like. Great for temporary fixing for special occasions where you want to stand out the crowd. Things to avoid: remove them before going to bed to prevent damage to your natural hair. They can be used to use for experimenting with clip-extensions to check if extensions are right for them before moving to some permanent solution.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Using double or single sided tape, these hair extensions are wefts are attached to sections of your own hair. Although, the tape is virtually Undetectable, and best suited to women with thin or fine hair. Things to avoid: avoid silicone products that have oil-base at the roots to prevent the tape from slipping. These extensions are reusable and take very less time to get them installed.

Micro Ring/ Bead Hair Extensions

best for medium to thick hair These hair extensions are similar to Tape-In hair extensions, attached to small sections of your natural hair. The only difference is Micro Bead hair extensions aren’t glued rather clamped to your hair. There is no need for any chemical or heat. Things to avoid: Like Tape-in hair extensions avoid any silicone or oil based product at the roots to prevent beads from slipping. Only suitable for medium to thick hair and not for thin hair as hair bonds will be visible through hair.

Bonded or Fusion Hair Extensions

best for thick to medium hair Using special glue or Keratin the Fusion hair extensions are fused or bonded to your hair. While with proper care your fusion hair extensions can last for a long time. Things to avoid: avoid applying oil, conditioners and other hair products to the bonded or fused hair areas as it may dissolve the bond. While it can take up to 8 hours to install these extensions and these aren’t reusable extensions. So, you have to buy new extensions every time you want to redo them. Although they last longer than other extensions.

Sew-In Extensions or Weave

best for curly or thick hair From ear to ear the weave hair extensions are braided in cornrows. Using a needle and thread the braids are sewn into the braids. There is no heat or glue required to install these extensions and the hair can be reused. Although, to maintain it you need to visit your hair stylist to get the braids to tighten.
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