How to care thin hair?

If you are not born with thick hair, I suggest you pay attention to the maintenance of thin hair. Because thin hair is more fragile than thick hair, it needs more protection. 1. Don’t Wait Too Long to Wash Although a thick hair may only need to be washed one or two times a week, it is important to keep your hair clean when your hair is very thin. Because your hair is smaller in diameter, the oil from the scalp will quickly flow down the hair, which will make your hair oily quickly. By washing your hair every day or every other day to help to remove any accumulated of oil or product that may eventually lower your hair. The truth is that fresh hair always looks the best! 2. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Clarifying shampoo removes the product buildup that often weighs down fine hair. Make your hair feel fresh and light. Use a clarifying once a week in place of your regular shampoo to eliminate buildup and make your hair fuller. 3. Use minimal conditioner. Many people with fine hair notice that while their hair is shiny and smooth, it also can look limp. Quenching your hair with too much moisture is one reason why fine hair often looks lifeless or limp. Reduce the amount of conditioner and focus on the hair ends. 4. Dry your hair gently. Wet hair is much more fragile and vulnerable than dry hair. Do not blow dry your hair after showering. Instead, use a towel to smear the moisture on your hair. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel, especially near the tip that is easily broken. 5. Use a cool or warm setting on your heat tools. Always start with the lowest setting on your hair iron or dryer. Because high temperatures can damage delicate hair, be sure to start with the lowest temperature when using a hair dryer or iron. If the cooler setting does not achieve the desired results, gradually increase the heat. It is best to let your hair dry as much as possible. 6. Don’t brush wet hair. Try to only brush or comb your hair when it’s dry. Because your hair is more fragile when wet, combing wet hair can put stress on your hair. So, try to brush your hair when it is dry and use a wide toothed comb or a stiff brush to make it softer.
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