Wavy Bob Wig

What is a wavy bob wig?

Bob wigs can be divided into many types according to their texture, mainly straight Bob wigs, curly Bob wigs, and wavy Bob wigs. Straight bob wigs are the most common, straight and neat, they look very simple and neat. The curly bob wig has many dense curls, and the entire wig is very large, which is very popular among black women. Waves are a kind of curl of wigs and have a unique beauty. In addition, there are more specific wave subdivisions according to different amplitudes.

Types of wavy bob wigs

The wavy Bob wig is a general term, which has different types of wigs. For example, wavy bob wigs can be divided into water wave Bob wigs and natural wave Bob wigs. The curl of the water wave Bob wig is not as dense as that of the curly wig. Its curling range is like the ripples of water, which looks very generous and gentle. The natural wave bob wig is looser than the water wave bob wig, and the curl is also larger. The natural wave Bob wig looks more youthful and beautiful, but it is sweet and mature at the same time, suitable for women of all ages.

What are the benefits of wavy bob wigs?

Increasing the volume of the wig makes the hair volume full and fluffy, and visually reduces the area of the face.

Get rid of the rigid hairstyle, experience, and enjoy the freshness and satisfaction of wavy bob wigs of different amplitudes.

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