Sew In Weave

What Is a Sew-In Weave

Weaves are a popular technique that adding hair extensions at the hair weft or hair tracks by using a thread and a needle to create fuller, longer hair. A sew-in weave is the traditional weave method mainly for hair. Sew-in weaves are a form of weave for the hair that you can actually sew into your hair rather than glue onto your scalp. The client's hair is braided into cornrows, and then use a sew-in needle to sew the hair wefts to the braids. A weave is sewn directly into natural hair, accentuating and beautifying it. Sew-ins are popular protective of natural hair health. In the end, you develop a full, lustrous and beautiful look.

How Long Does a Sew In Weave Hair Last

I think how long a sew-in weave can last depends on many factors. It usually depends on how well the hair is and how well you take care of it. With proper care, it can last longer. With proper care, sew-in weaves can last ten to twelve weeks before it becomes necessary to remove.

How To Sew In a Weave Yourself

The basic process of adding a weave is to braid your own hair and then sew the weave into the braids. Before you put your scalp and hair through the process of a weave, make sure they're as strong as possible. Braid your hair and keep your braids small and neat. Once you are done braiding the hair, start sewing the wefts to the hair. Then style as desired to blend your own hair with your newly sewn-in weave hair. In just a few hours, our hair can magically grow to the length and volume we want it.

How Do I Maintain My Sew In Weave

It is extremely important to clean the sew in weave correctly in order to keep bacteria and fungus at bay. You should wash the sew in weave hair every once in a week or after two weeks. Begin by combing the sew in weave to get rid of tangles and knots. Then begin the washing process. When washing your sew-in weave hair, use a shampoo designed for extensions and a light moisturizer. Rinse the sew in weave with warm water then apply the shampoo. Use an olive oil moisturizer specifically made for sew in weaves. It will help keep your weave from tangling, while also maintaining your hair’s natural moisture balance. Rinse it clean and dry it either naturally or with the minimal heat. Lastly, be sure to wrap your hair up while sleeping, a silk bonnet or scarf will suffice.

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