How To Put On A Lace Front Wig

Is it hard to put on a lace front wig?

For women who have never been exposed to lace front wigs, it may not seem easy to install a lace front wig, which sounds complicated and even a little difficult to operate. However, this is not the case. Installing a lace front wig is not as difficult as you think. Even as a beginner, you can quickly do it yourself. This does not require many professional skills, so there is no need to install lace front wigs worry about wigs.

How to put on a lace front wig for the first time?

Before putting on the wig, you need to organize your natural hair, you can braid your hair into cornrows and try to keep it as flat as possible. Use a small amount of hairspray to keep your hair in place, but take care to wait until it's dry before proceeding to the next step.

Then put the wig cap on your natural hair, which is a protective layer between your hair and the wig to reduce damage to your natural hair.

Now that the groundwork is done, you need to put on your entire lace front wig, each wig has straps at the nape of the wig, through which you can tighten or loosen the cap of the wig to get the best fit for the size of your head.

Once the entire wig is secured, use scissors to trim off the excess lace, trying to cut next to the knots, but not so close that you cut the fibers. Use some makeup on where the lace meets the hairline to help create a natural transition that matches your skin color as closely as possible.

Finally, restyle the hairstyle you want.

How long do lace front wigs last?

How long the lace front wig can last has a lot to do with the quality and maintenance of the wig. Generally speaking, the service life of lace front wigs can reach more than one year or even longer if properly cared for. But it is not recommended that you wear a lace front wig with glue for a long time, because it will damage your scalp and the wig needs to be cleaned regularly. If you want, you can try some glueless lace front wigs, no glue and adhesive, no damage to the scalp, and easy to install, the price is also cheaper than the lace front wig with glue, it is a wig category worth trying.

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