HD Lace Wigs Pre Plucked And Bleached

What does hd lace wigs pre plucked and bleached mean?

Pre-plucked and bleached are two processes performed on HD lace wigs. Pre-plucked is the use of tweezers to remove excess hair around the hairline of an HD lace wig for a neater and more natural look. Bleaching is a meticulous treatment of the knots on the wig. When making an HD lace wig, the hair needs to be tied on a lace mesh, which creates knots. Bleaching works by using chemical products to make the knots lighter, making the hair appear to have grown from the scalp.

Do you pluck or bleach first?

Bleach the knot first and pre-plucked it later. The bleaching process can be done before you wear the wig, while the pre-plucked needs to be left at the end after you have finished wearing HD lace wigs. Since the bleaching process requires some chemicals, it is impossible for you to bleach your wig after wearing it, which will greatly damage your scalp. Pre-plucked requires you to put on your wig and then trim and condition the excess hair, which can be said to be the last step in installing a wig.

Why make HD lace wigs pre-plucked and bleached?

The ultimate goal of pre-plucking and bleaching an HD lace wig is to make the wig appear to grow naturally from your head. Makes the appearance look more realistic and natural. But because of the chemical treatment, there is a risk of damaging the wig. Before bleaching to make a wig more natural, you must carefully consider whether it is necessary.

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