Colored Bob Wigs

Bob wig is a timeless classic, from the past now to the future, it will always be a popular existence. For women who are obsessed with bob wigs and want a significant change in appearance, they can add a little color to their Bob wigs, which will bring them a big change.

Which color is better to choose?

The popular ones are not necessarily suitable for you. The skin is very important for the choice of wig color. Closer to your skin color or lighter hair color can make you look younger. Of course, if you want to make your facial features more noticeable, then you need an impactful color. The ginger orange bob wig can bring you bright colors and attract people's attention at a glance.

Looking forward to highlights and ombre bob wigs? If you want a more special colored bob wig, highlights and ombre are ideal. Not only provides rich and natural colors but also has aesthetics and a wide range of depth. Once you try, you will find a brand new you.

Are colored bob wigs look natural?

It depends on whether you choose a synthetic fiber colored bob wig or a human hair colored bob wig. With the improvement of technology and craftsmanship, synthetic fiber wigs can achieve realistic effects in appearance, but for women who want to pursue more natural wigs, human hair wigs are undoubtedly a better choice.

The raw materials used in the human hair bob wig are 100% virgin human hair, which can be straightened and perm dyed just like our own original hair. So the effect of adding color to a human hair bob wig is the same as the effect we can achieve by dyeing our own hair. Human hair colored bob wigs can reach perfection in terms of appearance and feel. You don't need to worry about being seen as a wig.

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