18 Inch Straight Wig

How long does 18 inch straight wig?

The 18-inch straight wig is the perfect medium length for all hairstyles and stylish vibes, and unlike wavy wigs that require careful maintenance of the curly shape, it's super easy to maintain and take care of. Intuitively, the length of an 18-inch straight wig will reach your upper back, which is near your shoulder blades. If you convert an 18-inch straight wig into centimeters, it's about 45 centimeters long, which is an ideal hair length.

Can I bleach and dye my 18-inch straight wig?

If your wig is made from natural human hair and is healthy enough, you can undoubtedly bleach and dye your 18-inch straight hair. By bleaching and dyeing, you can create any color you want, but it's best not to heat treat as this can be very damaging to the wig.

Where to buy an 18-inch straight wig?

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